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Animal welfare policies for food companies and financial institutions

New Market helps create and implement farm animal welfare policies, including arranging for independent supply chain assessments. When deciding upon Key Performance Indicators, there are many benchmarks to choose from, some business-oriented, and not particularly ambitious, and others that may not be financially realistic for some companies. We can offer guidance about which frameworks to refer to when deciding questions like “What is best practice?”, “What is responsible?”, and “What is below the minimum standard?”


Preparing investors for company engagement

We have experience preparing investors for engagement opportunities, including by providing analysis of how companies compare with their competitors on farm animal welfare performance and whether they are meeting their policy commitments. We can create reasonable solutions to present to companies, so investors can feel more empowered to push companies to do better. New Market is uniquely positioned to offer relevant advice due to our experience working with animal welfare organizations, standard setting bodies and on-farm certifiers.


On-farm improvements and pilot projects

We design and support implementation of best practice livestock farming. The systems that we promote harness natural processes to achieve profitability, rather than use production practices which create dangerous levels of pollution or excessively deplete resources. New Market can create the following systems, all of which can be scaled to commercial capacity: Agroecological Pork, Integrated Crop and Poultry, and Silvopastoral Beef and Dairy Cattle Production.


Creating more impactful financial instruments

There are tremendous opportunities for positive change through financial instruments that recognize and reward higher farm animal welfare standards and performance. New Market works with financial institutions to develop new investment products and assess existing instruments.


Farm animal welfare research and analysis

We evaluate farm animal welfare policies, certifications and standards, and research legal and policy developments. New Market can review lending and investment portfolios to determine whether they contain food companies using controversial or potentially illegal practices or companies which are best-in-class performers. We also analyze supply chains and company management practices.

Image by Kendall Henderson
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