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NAME: New Market ESG Benefit Company


COMPANY TYPE: Privately Held Benefit Corporation*


BUSINESS ACTIVITY: Management Consulting Services




HEADQUARTERS: 1451 Rockville Pike, Suite 250

                                  Rockville, Maryland, USA  20852


RESPONSIBILITY: 2024 Corporate Social Responsibility Policy 





Mr. Martin Zerfas

Chief Executive Officer, President and Treasurer

  • Certified Expert Sustainable Finance, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

  • Juris Doctor, William & Mary School of Law

  • Associate Student, New College, Oxford University

  • Bachelor of Arts, Connecticut College


Mr. Andrew Lurie, Esq.

Vice President and Secretary

  • Juris Doctor, New York University School of Law

  • Bachelor of Arts, Stanford University


Ms. Taylor Mann, Esq.

  • Juris Doctor, Lewis & Clark University School of Law

  • Bachelor of Arts, Boston University



*A benefit corporation is a type of for-profit corporate entity whose goals include making a positive environmental and social impact. New Market ESG is a registered Maryland State Benefit Corporation and fulfills all the requirements of such an entity, including measuring and reporting our environmental and social impact against a recognized 3rd party standard.

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