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Natural ESG

New Market helps develop and implement agricultural projects that are economically viable and support multiple ESG areas. The systems we promote harness natural processes to help achieve profitability, rather than rely on production practices that negatively impact local economic interests, create dangerous levels of pollution, excessively deplete resources, and generally jeopardize ESG progress.

The following Natural ESG projects can all be scaled to commercial capacity:


Agroecological System for Pork Production



  • Free-range pig production requires less capital investment than industrial systems, while creating more and better labor opportunities.

  • Manure is a resource, not a source of pollution.


Integrated Crop-Livestock System for Chicken Meat and Egg Production



  • Integrating poultry into a crop and pasture rotation provides weed control, parasitic disease prevention, and improves soil fertility in cropping areas.

  • By lowering production costs and creating opportunities to sell other products, chicken and egg producers are better able to deal with market fluctuations.

Integrated Rick-Duck Farming System



  • Weeds and pests in rice paddies serve as food for ducks, and duck manure provides soil nutrients for rice production, reducing the need for herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and chemical fertilizers.

  • The system emits less methane and carbon than conventional rice monoculture and can enhance the biodiversity and stability of the paddy ecosystems.

Silvopastoral System for Beef and Dairy Cattle Production



  • Meat and milk produced in this system can be higher in quality as compared to an industrial one, yielding higher prices at market.

  • Integrating farming-livestock-forestry helps promote habitat conservation, biodiversity, and recovery of degraded areas.

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