Farm animal welfare policies and program support



New Market ESG is an international farm animal welfare consulting company based in the Washington D.C. area. 


In the New Market, all stakeholders are under increasing pressure to address the negative externalities of industrial livestock production, whether from their clients, the public or their employees. Our approach is to find solutions that balance the goal of reaching science-based, internationally recognized farm animal welfare benchmarks with the unique economic, environmental, regulatory and social challenges faced in varied regions.

New Market is experienced with farm animal welfare standards, policies and regulations. We also understand how to transform livestock supply chains, including the economic and technical aspects of cage-free eggs, stall-free pork, responsible chicken meat facilities, sustainable beef and dairy cattle production, and humane transport and slaughtering. Our farm animal welfare strategies can support other environmental and social areas like improved resource and waste management, better antibiotic policies and sustainable use of animal feed.


We work with food producers to help them improve the way farm animals are bred, raised, transported and processed.


We work with food retailers and manufacturers to strengthen farm animal welfare protocols in their meat, dairy and egg supply chains.


We work with lenders to develop financing projects that are economically viable and that support multiple environmental and social areas, including farm animal welfare.


We work with investors to help them understand which companies use practices or sell products that are considered controversial to consumers or create a regulatory risk.


We work with research and rating companies to increase the effectiveness of their coverage of the livestock sector.


We work with civil service organizations, standard setting bodies and academic institutions by providing research and analysis that supports their program goals.


As a Maryland Benefit Corporation, we are bound by our corporate charter to create a material public benefit through our actions.


“We started New Market in 2020 to support the growing business of doing good business. Our name refers to the idea that the world is in process of creating a new, more resilient market in which stakeholders must find new solutions to address the critical environmental, social and economic challenges facing our food system today.”                                               

Martin Zerfas, President & CEO



New Market’s Business Impact Assessment score is 90.1.