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Nest Egg ESG

In the New Market, investors are under increasing pressure from clients, the public and their own employees to make an ESG impact and play a part in addressing the negative externalities of the global market. At the same time, investors must continue to prioritize maintaining a profitable portfolio.


Examples of our services include:

Improving Key Performance Indicators

When deciding upon KPIs, there may be multiple benchmarks to choose from, some purely business-oriented, and not particularly ambitious, and some only representing an idealist perspective, and not financially realistic. With our experience working with intergovernmental organizations and global scientific bodies, we can offer guidance about which frameworks to refer to when deciding questions like“What is best practice?”,“What is responsible?”and“What is below minimum standard?”


Uncovering more and better information about company ESG performance

Investors may have numerous sources of information to review about ESG performance, including from ESG data providers, media stories, rankings by non-profits, and company disclosures. New Market can help investors understand which companies rely upon practices or sell products that create unnecessary harm, are considered controversial to consumers, or may be violating local or national regulations.


Pushing companies for more impactful change

New Market has experience preparing investors for engagement opportunities, including by providing analysis of how companies compare with their competitors on ESG issues across markets and industries. We can create reasonable solutions to present to companies, so investors can feel more empowered to push companies to do better.


Creating and improving financial instruments

There are tremendous opportunities for positive change through financial instruments that recognize and reward ESG performance, and New Market works with investors to develop new products or assess which existing instruments have the most value.


We work with investors to help them understand what areas of their ESG program might need support or improvement, whether identifying goals, prioritizing risks, implementing strategies, or verifying and reporting results. Our Nest Egg program is impact-driven, and New Market works with investors to find new and better ways to influence the way businesses operate, while also creating monetary value in such positive change.

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