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New Market continually strives to set the standard for ESG by managing our own business in the most ethical, world-focused, and positive way we can. From the beginning, we have focused on our core values – integrity, honesty, kindness, and respect - to help us become the company that we want to be. Our core values are our lodestar, guiding us in both our long-term plans and our daily activities. The three pillars of our ESG program align with

and carry through our core values. 



Ethical Business Practices

As a Maryland benefit corporation, we are bound by our corporate charter to create a material public benefit through our actions. Our purpose is to help food companies and financial institutions improve their profits and the world by supporting the right companies and projects, while serving as a role model of responsible corporate behavior and action. To this end, we are committed to running our business in the most ethical way possible and have achieved Pending B Corporation status. B Corporations balance purpose and profit and are obligated to consider the impacts of their decisions on workers, suppliers, customers, society, and the environment. B Corp Certification is only available for business in operation one year or more, but we will be applying as soon as possible. We treat our social and environmental impact as a primary measure of success for our business and prioritize it even in cases where it may not drive profitability. The following are examples of how we promote ethical business in our company:

  • We are transparent in our fee structure and prioritize confidentiality and discretion with our clients, particular with their data. We respond to inquiries from clients within one business day, or we credit their account the equivalent of eight billing hours. We also monitor the impact of our work, the value created for our clients, and client satisfaction through a formal program that seeks continuous improvement.


  • We maintain an on-going dialogue at New Market, including providing surveys to all stakeholders asking for feedback about their experience with the company, and ways to improve the quality of the services we provide.


Environmental Sustainability Initiatives


It is critical in these times of increasing environmental degradation that businesses not only talk the talk when it comes to internal sustainability programs, but also walk the walk - even more so for ESG companies like us. New Market’s initiatives include:

  • All our employees are provided reusable spiral notebooks so they can use less paper. We also emphasize using non-paper options whenever possible and strive to be 100% digital. 

  • New Market employees are given portable solar-powered chargers, which we use whenever possible for our electronic devices.



Direct Philanthropic Giving


We prioritize contributing money and time to charitable causes.

For example:


  • New Market donates 5% of our gross revenue to five different 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations, 1% of our revenue to each. We ensure at least 1% of our revenues go to environmentally-focused organizations and we are a Business Member of 1% for the Planet Member.

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